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Back in 2008, we finished our home enough to move in —and it was a bit like glamping. We made the best of it because our rental lease ended and we had no choice. We had only one working bathroom in the house. Our primary suite bathroom was not even close to functional but I was OK with that, knowing that rushing to get it done would not mean doing it right.

Once we moved in, I began chipping away at all the projects- there were so many that it took me two years to finally work on our bathroom. The bathroom had a quirky shape from the gambrel roof creating an eave in the ceiling, which I loved. I imagined a tub there one day, with a similar shape to accentuate the quirkiness, and I knew this bathroom would be done in phases because of my budget.

I began by selecting products that I knew would remain timeless. I budgeted for details, splurging on classic Sofia limestone tiles I couldn’t live without, modern fixtures and hardware I had always loved and knew, for me would stand the test of time.

Now I had a “functioning” bathroom, however it was still not finished. We had plumbed for a tub but this phase did not include that in the budget.  I was fine with waiting to do it right later. I made it work aesthetically by simply covering the pipes with a vintage dresser and an old chandelier. We moved on to finish other priorities in the house.

Finally, in 2020, after changing out a wood wall in my bedroom I was inspired by the spa-like feeling the wood gave the room. I knew if we added the same wood to the bathroom it would not only give the room the same zen feel, but it would marry the two rooms together as the perfect suite! We decided to remove the traditional door and built a floor-to-ceiling sliding door with the same wood warm wood. I would continue to wrap the walls around the tub as a backdrop. Now, I had the vision- I could finally see this entire space coming together! And, I knew exactly who I wanted to work on this project with; Ferguson’s Showrooms.

The timing for the project occurred right as the entire world was shutting down. Would Ferguson’s be flexible and work with me online? Could I meet the bathroom consultant on Google meet? Would they understand my vision? Ferguson’s team rose to the challenge with expertise and professionalism- I knew we were in good hands!

We met online, the staff at Ferguson’s were so knowledgeable, understanding my existing plumbing and walking me through every aspect down to the last fitting! They spent time on zoom calls to make it all happen seamlessly. Their professionals were always so available and helpful with all my questions and decision making. And, with their extensive product line, it was easy to find exactly what I was looking for.

After 12 years in our home, a beautiful bedroom suite was finally becoming a reality. This was the best collaborative experience ever! I was never really sure what type of tub I would like in my bathroom, but I kept focused about my “spa-like” vision and wanted a shape that would really shine with the ceiling slope. Ferguson’s recommended The Hibiscus tub from Signature Hardware, and it was the winner- the proportions and the angled shape felt just right.

Next we needed the perfect plumbing fixtures. I wanted a wall mounted spout- I felt like it would be more interesting coming out of the wall of wood behind it! We chose the Kohler Purist collection for the beautiful finish and design. The spout and cross handles paired beautifully with the Kohler Exhale hand held shower and I knew they would look like fine jewelry on the wall.

Most importantly it would all need to function with my existing plumbing, and with our Ferguson’s team’s expertise, we were guided to order everything we needed both in front of the wall and all the parts behind the wall! 

And as the world began slow down and moving around became more difficult, Ferguson’s was still able to deliver my order, carefully packaged and shipped on time! Shop my look!

We could not have had a better experience with a project, and I continue to contact my friends at Ferguson’s with any questions- now, I work with them for my clients as well. Thanks to their team and the guidance I received, we have a beautiful, functional space and I am thoroughly enjoying my luxurious spa-like bathroom! Check out Build With Ferguson here!

Here are live links to all the products we used for our tub installation!

Hibiscus Tub

PVC pipe

Kohler Cross Handles

Valve System

Shower Hose

Hand Shower

Connection Supply Elbow

Signature Hardware Tub Spout

Kohler Purist Tub Spout 

I hope this inspires you to complete a bathroom project in your home,

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  1. So peaceful – love the wood surround!! Love the bathmat too – can you share where that is from? Thank you!

  2. This is beautiful! I am wondering where I might locate a similar ceiling light fixture, if possible. Thank you.

  3. Stunning, as is the rest of the house. I just saw it on the Magnolia show this evening and it took my breath away. Can you tell me where the bath mat/rug is from?

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